Meet Ace

  • UniWyo's 24/7 virtual assistant
  • Secure and reliable
  • Answering your questions fast


Around the clock call service is here to stay.

Ace is your virtual bff, answering your questions over the phone quickly, securely, and at any time- day or night. 

What are the top 10 questions Ace helps members with?

Whether you need general info about UniWyo or help with your specific account, he's got you covered.

  1. General info: branch hours, rates, routing number
  2. Check account balance
  3. Verify transactions
  4. Ask for loan payment date
  5. Make a loan payment
  6. Transfer money
  7. Register for online banking
  8. Reset online banking password
  9. Update contact info
  10. Apply for an account or loan

Ace got an upgrade!

On 3.29.24 Ace received an upgrade. Here are some things he can now better assist you with: 

  • Additional authentication methods that include member number OR full SSN + last 4 digits of debit card
  • Improved recognition of speech
  • Expanded options for one-time verification of contact info
  • Ability for members to say the number for the option or type the key
  • Increased ability to differentiate background noise and ask for help
  • Additional money transfer options
  • Additional loan payment options

Helpful tips when talking to Ace.

1. Limit the background noise.

Please make sure there is not too much background noise, as it could cause Ace to not understand your request.

2. Have some numbers handy.

If you are calling about your account, Ace wants to keep your identify safe, so he will authenticate you by asking for your member number or social security number & the last 4 digits of your debit card.

3. Help Ace learn.

If Ace is unable to answer your question, you will have the option to be transferred to a representative. Don't un-friend him just yet though, because he is always learning how to be more helpful and perhaps the next time you call he'll be able to answer your question. If you are transferred after-hours, feel free to leave a voicemail and a representative will call you back during business hours.

All you need to know about Ace.

You should have answers as a need arises and UniWyo aims to assist our members in the quickest, most efficient manner. Ace is able to provide support for general questions 24/7. All interactions with Ace are secured by the latest encrypted technology.

Ace is only available over the phone. You are able to call (307) 721-5600 or toll-free (866) 486-4996 and speak to Ace 24/7! 

Ace is able to understand and respond in English. Ace can respond to many different questions and is constantly learning and evolving to best serve you.

Of course! If Ace cannot answer your question, you will be given the option to be transferred to a Contact Center Officer, unless it is after hours. If this is the case, you will be able to leave a message and someone will get back to you during business hours. 

UniWyo is a full-service credit union with branches in Cheyenne, Laramie, Casper, Glenrock, Douglas, Cody and including on-campus at the University of Wyoming.

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