Branch Services

  • Night drop deposits
  • Notary services
  • Safe deposit boxes

What else can we do for you? The list is a long one.

Our focus goes far beyond high-performance deposit accounts and low-cost loans. We can secure your valuables, redeem your Savings Bonds, witness your signature on formal documents, and offer a safe haven for your nighttime deposits.

Savings Bonds: Redeem your U.S. Savings bonds at any UniWyo branch. You can get cash or deposit funds into one of your accounts.

Safe Deposit Boxes: Secure your family heirlooms, irreplaceable photos, important documents and other valuables. We offer a variety of box sizes at affordable yearly rental prices.

Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rental Size 3x5x24 $20.00
Annual Rental Size 5x5x24 $25.00
Annual Rental Size 3x10x24 $30.00
Annual Rental Size 5x10x24 $45.00
Annual Rental Size 10x10x24 $60.00
Annual Rental Size 10x15x24 $65.00
Annual Rental Size 15x22x24 $70.00
Annual Rental Size 10x44x24 $75.00
Drilling of Boxes $175.00/Box
Key Replacement $35.00/Key

Available at both Casper Branches and the Grand Ave. Branch in Laramie.

Medallion Signature Guarantee: This special stamp guarantees that a signature authorizing the transfer of securities - like stocks or bonds - is authentic. This is a free service to members and provides protection up to $500,000. Members must have necessary paperwork filled out prior to signature guarantee process.

Notary Services: Many legal, insurance and other formal documents require someone to witness your signature. We're your people and the best part is we don't charge for this service.

Night Drop: Businesses, nonprofits and others can make secure cash and check deposits 24 hours a day by using the night drop at the CasperCheyenneDouglas, Glenrock, and Laramie branches.

UniWyo is a full-service credit union with branches in Casper, Cheyenne, Cody, Douglas, Glenrock, Laramie, and on-campus at the University of Wyoming.

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