Foreign Currency

  • Hundreds of currencies available
  • Major currencies available in one business day
  • Benefit from fair exchange rates

From euros and yen to pesos, pounds and rupees.

Planning an international trip? There's a lot of prep work involved. At UniWyo, we can help check a major item off your to-do list. You can get the currency of the country (or countries) that you're visiting in advance, allowing you to reach your destination with plenty of pocket money for food, sightseeing and souvenirs.

  • Quick, easy transactions - less than 10 minutes to process the order
  • Hundreds of currencies available
  • Major currencies available next business day (if ordered before 12 pm MST)
  • Minor currencies available in two business days (if ordered before 12 pm MST)
  • Get a fair-market exchange rate
  • Avoid dealing with busy currency exchanges in international airports, hotels and banks that often offer less-than-favorable rates
  • Option to lock-in "buy rate" for selling back unused currency (selling it at the same price you bought it for)
  • Money electronically deposited to your account upon a sale (exchange back to US dollars)

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