One of the most important aspects of every credit union is their democratically elected board of directors, elected by the membership from the membership. UniWyo has been fortunate enough to have had a long line of very talented, hard working individuals sit on the board of directors. There are currently seven seats on the board, held by members of all walks of life. Board meetings are currently held the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 5:15pm. 

If you would like to provide feedback to the board of directors, you can reach them by email at boardmembers@uniwyo.com. You can send mail to the supervisory committee at: UniWyo Supervisory Committee, PO Bo 428, Laramie, WY 82073.

Board of Directors

  • Jen Chavez, Chairman of the Board
  • Tim Gaddis, Vice Chair
  • Darcy Bryant, Secretary
  • Megan Hanneman, Treasurer
  • Aaron Courtney
  • Joe Wiesen
  • Mindy Parvin

Supervisory Committee

  • Amber Mercil
  • Jami Miller
  • Tom Wilson
  • Kelly Milam
  • Emily Hirsch

Annual Meeting & Report

UniWyo's Annual Meeting is an important occasion for you and for all members, as it enables us to come together to hear reports on the state of the credit union, make comments, suggestions, and to ask questions about the credit union’s services and policies. Each year the Annual Report is reviewed and made available to members.

Read UniWyo's 2020 Annual Report