UniWyo is dedicated to providing you with a variety of convenient services to save you time and money.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is NOT limited to those who receive government payments. As a UniWyo member, you may simplify your life by easily arranging to have your paycheck directly deposited into your checking or savings account. Strengthen your cash management practices while gaining time to spend on the things you really want. It's just another UniWyo financial advantage!

Direct Deposit has many benefits:

  • Faster: No waiting for a check-no waiting in line to deposit a check-you have access to your money and can begin earning interest without delay.
  • Safer: No lost or stolen checks. Studies have shown that recipients are 20 times more likely to have a problem with a paper check than with a Direct Deposit transaction.
  • More Reliable: You know your account is always credited the morning of the payment date. Paper checks are often held for several days, depending on the financial institution's "hold" policy.
  • More Convenient: Once you have made arrangements, your funds are electronically transferred automatically. No need to worry if you can't make it to UniWyo to make your deposit.

To sign up for direct deposit visit any branch location.

Money Orders

Money orders are available for any amount you specify up to $1000. Please see a Service Representative for assistance.

Notary Services

Notary services are free to all members. Please see us at our any one of our branch locations during regular office hours.

Safe Deposit Boxes

UniWyo safe deposit boxes are an ideal way to protect valuable and important papers against theft, fire and flood -- plus you will always know exactly where your valuables are! Safe Deposit boxes are rented on an annual basis, box sizes and prices can be found here. To open and/or access your Safe Deposit box, please see a Service Representative for more information. 

Wire Transfers

Funds can be electronically transferred to or from most domestic financial institutions and some foreign institutions as well. A $35 fee is assessed for outgoing wires by our correspondent credit union but no fees are charged for incoming wires. An international wire has a fee of $75.


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