UniWyo Online Financial Management allows our members to take control of all their finances - no matter where those accounts are.

UniWyo offers this product for free when you sign up for our Online Banking product. Check out some of the features below to see what our Online Financial Management product can do for you!


Want to know where your money is going every month? With the robust budgeting features included with UniWyo OFM, you can!

  • The system can read transactions from online banking and other external accounts and categorize them automatically (food, housing, medical, etc.).
  • Get a monthly view of income verses expenses.
  • Customize categories and split transactions to various areas for granular control of your budget.

External Account Aggregation

For members with accounts located at other financial institutions, this feature will allow you to manage all your accounts in one location! Our simple import feature will allow you to pull in accounts like credit cards, retirement accounts, mortgage accounts, loans and much more!

  • Check your balances and transactions on popular credit card accounts, retirement accounts, etc., all from within UniWyo Online Banking.
  • Incorporate those external accounts with your UniWyo accounts to create a complete financial picture - all from one interface!
  • System automatically updates your external accounts so no need to manually enter data (for qualifying external accounts only).

Financial Goal Setting

Have a retirement goal you want to plan out? Want to find out how much money per month you need to save up for that new car? UniWyo OFM can help you achieve your goals!

  • Set a goal and see how much per month you need to put away to achieve it.
  • System will automatically calculate estimated rates of return to show you exactly how much you should be saving.
  • UniWyo OFM can even incorporate your external accounts into your goal setting.

How to Sign Up

After accessing your online banking account, click the “My Finance” button. After a quick setup, you will be ready to begin creating a budget, importing accounts and setting goals. For more information or assistance in setting yourself up for OFM, please call UniWyo at 307-721-5600.