Balance/Transaction Alerts

Keep connected to your finances with UniWyo Balance Alerts! Wondering what your balance is or when a transaction posted to your account?  With UniWyo Balance alerts, you will always be in the know. You can receive balances on your accounts daily or weekly via email or an SMS text message. Additionally, you can get notified when a transaction over a certain amount gets posted to your account. 

Give us a quick call to get setup!  Decide how often you want to get real time alerts for:

    • Balances
    • Thresholds
    • New Account/Loan Opened
    • Payroll
    • Deposits/Withdrawals
    • Wires
    • ATM Transactions
    • and so much more!

Get all of your account activity served right to your email inbox or mobile phone, this a great service to have on your account – and it’s FREE! Call us at 307-721-5600 to get going today!