You can text to receive immediate information about your accounts!

Need to know your balance in a pinch?  Text "Bal" to 89549, and immediately receive the balances on any of your UniWyo Accounts!

To manage or enroll in Text Banking, log in to your Online Banking, and follow these simple steps:

1. Account Settings

2. Mobile Settings

3. Text Settings

4. Enable Text Access

5. Agree to Terms and Conditions

6.  Enter/Edit Phone Number

7. Select/Change Wireless Provider

8. Select Accounts to Enroll/Un-Enroll

9. Nickname Enrolled Accounts


Each account checked needs to have a "Short Name" assigned to it - for security, do not use your account number, passwords, nor pins as the "Short Name". An example would be "Joe Savings" or "Joint Chk" - however you can easily identify your accounts.

Text Commands to 89549:

  • Bal = All Account Balances
  • Bal Mobile Short Name = Single Account Balance (ie. text "Bal Joe Savings" will send only the balance on that account)
  • Hist = All Accounts Recent History
  • Hist Mobile Short Name = Single Account Recent History
  • Help = Commands
  • Stop = Cancel (you will then need to re-enroll via Online Banking)

You will receive an automated text message saying you are enrolled, be sure to reply with "YES" to finalize your enrollment! 

Questions? Call us at 307-721-5600