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A loan for any purpose

UniWyo offers a wide variety of consumer loans for any type of need. Whether it's a new computer, a holiday or a special hobby, we can help you finance it.

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Personal Loans

UniWyo's personal loans are an ideal choice if you're looking to purchase a new computer, upgrade the furniture in your home, or to consolidate debt. These fixed rate loans provided you with straightforward, easy to understand repayment plans, ensuring your satisfaction.

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Share-Secured Loans

These convenient loans allow you to secure a loan for nearly anything you need with a deposit balance in any of your UniWyo share accounts. You'll benefit from low loan rates while still receiving dividends on your deposits!

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Credit Builder Loans

We want to help you build your credit, so even if you have blemished, limited, or no credit, we can help! Everyone is on a different journey, and we believe that loans should not be "one size fits all".  We're here to listen to your story, help you meet your financial goals, and allow you to grow your credit in a way that suits you.

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