Effective Date 09/15/2017

Share Value
Par Value of One Share $5.00
Share Draft Account Fees
NSF Fee/Overdraft Fee $30.00/Item
Returned Item Fee $30.00/Item
Stop Payment Fee $30.00/Request
Courtesy Pay Fee $30.00/Item
EFT Fees
Card Replacement Fee $10.00/Card
ACH Overdraft Fee $30.00/Item
Debit Card Overdraft Fee $30.00/Item
Bill Pay Fee FREE
Denied Debit Card Chargeback Fee $15.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rental Size 3x5x24 $20.00
Annual Rental Size 5x5x24 $20.00
Annual Rental Size 3x10x24 $30.00
Annual Rental Size 5x10x24 $35.00
Annual Rental Size 10x10x24 $45.00
Annual Rental Size 10x15x24 $55.00
Annual Rental Size 15x22x24 $55.00
Annual Rental Size 10x44x24 $65.00
Change of Locks $20.00/Lock
Drilling of Boxes $150.00/Box
Share Money Market Account
Minimum Withdrawal Amount $250.00
Other Service Fees
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing) $35.00/Transfer (Within the U.S.)
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing) $75.00/Transfer (Foreign)
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming) Free
Garnishment Fee $30.00
Cashier Check Free
Money Order Free
Account Reconciliation $15.00/Hour ($15.00 Min Charge)
Account Research $15.00/Hour ($15.00 Min Charge)
Statement Copy Fee $3.00/Copy
Deposited Item Return Fee $30.00/Item (When drawer and payee are the same)
Dormant Account Fee $30.00/Month (Charged after 12 months with no monetary transactions)
Account Closure Fee $5.00/Account (If closed within 3 months of opening)
Automatic Transfer fee $1.00/Transfer
Returned Mail / Bad Address Fee $30.00/Month
Check Copy Fee $3.50/Copy
Account Balance Verification Letter $5.00/Letter
Excessive Transfer fee $30.00
Service Fee for NOT maintaining minimum balance of $500.00 on Traditional IRA, Educational IRA, Roth IRA and SEP IRA  $5.00/Month
Service Fee for NOT maintaining minimum balance of $2500.00 on Share Money Market account $5.00/Month
Service Fee for NOT maintaining minimum balance of $500.00 on Dividend Checking account $5.00/Month
Bank to Bank Transfer (outgoing) $1.00/Transfer
Bank to Bank Transfer (incoming) Free
ACH Set Up Fee (outgoing) $15.00
ACH Set Up Fee (incoming) Free
ACH Same Day Fee (outgoing/incoming) $15.00
Coin Machine Exchange Free