How Do I Enroll In UniWyo Online Banking?

You can enroll in one of two ways: First, you can click the "Enroll" link under the login area and we will contact you within 48 hours to complete your enrollment. You can also call or visit us at any branch location and we are happy to set up your accounts for online access.

What are some of the features of UniWyo Online Banking?

Clear, Intuitive Online Transaction Viewing

With UniWyo Online Banking, your transaction history will be a breeze to review. There will be clear columns for credits and debits and an aggregate total of all credits and debits for that account, including transaction totals. You will also have customizable transaction display options such as viewing transactions for the last 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, since your last statement, or from a range of dates.

Self Service Alerts

With Self Service Alerts, you will be able to have Online Banking send you an email or login alert when certain conditions occur. For instance, you can set up an alert if you would like an email message telling you when your balance has gone below a certain amount. For additional security, you can also have Online Banking send you an email when someone either successfully or unsuccessfully logs into your account. There are many other conditions which Online Banking can alert you of as well. Some of these conditions include when a loan payment is coming due, when a bill payment fails or is rejected, or you have insufficient funds.

Scheduled Transfers

If you've ever forgotten to make a transfer from one account to another, or are constantly having to manually log in to make the same transfer over and over every month, this one's for you. You can schedule transfers to occur at a one time or a recurring transfer, based on criteria you specify. Not sure if you've scheduled it or not? The system will show you all pending transfers. The system also has a dedicated section, just for showing you your transfer history.

"Member Summary" Section

At the bottom of the accounts page will be a member summary section which details how many deposit accounts you have, how many loans you have and the total balances of each. This feature offers a great way to get a complete picture of your assets at UniWyo.

ATM/Debit Card Control Panel

You can view and control the status of your ATM/Debit card. If your debit card gets lost or stolen and can't contact UniWyo, you can log in to your Online Banking and block the card immediately. This will allow you peace of mind until you can get your new card ordered.

Improved Transaction Download Functionality

 You can download transactions into Quickbooks, Quicken, as a QIF file, CSV file (for Excel) and plain text.

Robust Transaction Searching

When searching transactions, you have options for searching and sorting them. This is excellent when trying to pin down trends or looking for a pesky amount that's throwing you off balance!

Self Service Stop Payment Feature

Ever wanted to get a stop put on a payment but needed to do it after credit union hours? With the self service stop payment feature, you can do it day or night and get it taken care of at your own convenience.

Account Nicknames (Aliases)

If you manage several accounts or just want to make it easier for you to understand what each account does, then the ability to "nickname" your accounts will be a big benefit. You will be able to name them whatever you would like in order for you to gain a greater understanding of your individual accounts.

Self Service Username and Password Reset

Can't remember your password? After setting up a password and question and answer, you will be able to change your password yourself from the Online Banking login page. You will also be able to change your password AND username from within Online Banking for even more flexibility.

More Fail-Safes

With features like last name character confirmation when transferring to other accounts, the Online Banking system will have more checks in place to make sure you don't make unintended mistakes.

Improved Secure Messaging

When you need to communicate with us securely, or just want to do it within Online Banking, the contact system can allow you to upload attachments to your message and alerting you via email when a response from us has been posted.

Self Service Email Address Change

Have you ever had a change in your email address and needed to contact UniWyo to update it? Now you will be able to do this yourself from within the Online Banking interface.

Self Service Sub-Account Creation

Need a money market account to throw some money into? Want an additional savings account? Call or drop by if you want to, but now, you won't have to! With the self service account creation tool, you can create most accounts within Online Banking.

Inter-Institution Transfer Functionality

This feature will allow you to move funds around from and to external financial institutions within Online Banking. This will allow you more self service options and flexibility with your funds creating a true "virtual branch" for our members. This service is enabled on a per member basis. Please call us at (307) 721-5600 to enable this feature on your account.

How many transfers am I allowed per month?

You are allowed 6 transfers per month from "Non-Transactional" accounts such as savings and money market accounts. You are allowed unlimited transfers from your checking accounts. The transfer limit per month is $2000.

How do I use Quicken or Quickbooks with UniWyo Online Banking?

You can use Quicken or Quickbooks with UniWyo Online Banking by using the drop down menu on right hand side of an account. One of the options is "Download". You then select the date range and format (be sure to select Quicken or Quickbooks format) and then click "Submit".

How do I sign up for and use eStatements?

Click here to see our eStatements Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I sign up for and use UniWyo Bill Pay?

Click here to learn more about UniWyo Bill Pay.

Enroll for Online Banking

Online Click the "Enroll" link under the Online Banking login area and we will contact you within 48 hours to complete your enrollment.
By Phone  Call us at (307) 721-5600.
At a Branch  Enroll in person at either of our branches.