Fraud Center

  • Protect your privacy 
  • Safeguard your UniWyo accounts
  • Get a better handle on fraud threats

Keep you and your finances secure.

There are numerous ways schemers and scam artists try to access your personal and financial information. But you don't need to fight them alone.

If you believe you may have given personal information over the phone or online to a scammer, please contact us as soon as possible at (866) 486-4996.

Help identify and stop fraud.

  • UniWyo will never ask you for your two-factor authentication code for online banking. Do not give it to anyone.
  • If fraudulent activity is suspected on your account, you will receive an automated text, email, or call from a virtual assistant. There will NOT be a link in the text alert.
  • UniWyo will not call or text you asking for your social security number, login, or other personal information – we already have it. When in doubt, hang up or don't reply and contact us directly. When you contact us, we may verify this information by asking you, but again, UniWyo will never ask for this information unsolicited.
  • Do not ever give your digital banking password to anyone, not even someone who you think is a UniWyo employee. We do not know this information and never want to. Keep it to yourself.
  • Compare and confirm that any link that you receive is taking you to a valid, secure website, and that you're not visiting a fraudulent one impersonating UniWyo. Instead of clicking on it, review the URL path and type in and navigate where you need to go.

Fight fraud with federal resources.

Learn more by visiting or The Federal Trade Commission.

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