Preparing for College

At this stage, it's all about books and bucks. You handle the first. We'll help with the second.

You have plenty of freedom, and decisions are yours. Make sure you're prepared.

Life is exciting and running at full throttle. From classwork to your social life to your job(s), there's plenty to keep in mind right now. We want to help you understand your financial options.


There's a $500,000 pie out there. See if you can get a slice. Our partnership with the State of Wyoming creates two scholarship programs for UniWyo members - The UniWyo Distinction Scholarship and the UniWyo Study Abroad Scholarships. Apply for them every year, because everyone loves free money. Check out all the details.

Student Loans

Your first step is to exhaust all your borrowing options through federal programs. But if you find yourself needing to bridge a financial gap, we have affordable options. Whether you're working toward your bachelor's or associate's degree or you're taking a big step toward a professional degree in grad school, we can help you figure out what works best. And it's not just for the beginning of your journey. If you need to refinance your student loans to get some relief, we're your resource for that, too. There's a lot on the table to discuss.

Money Management Resources

When you're this deep into the process, you know you're invested in gathering as much information as you can. Our partners, Student Choice, maintain a collection of articles, videos and other resources covering a diverse set of topics focused on managing money as a college student. It's a great place to get more insight and take action.

UniWyo is a full-service credit union with branches in Cheyenne, Laramie, Casper, Glenrock, Douglas, Cody and including on-campus at the University of Wyoming.