ACH Origination/ Transfer

  • Make fast electronic payments
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Move money from other financial institutions

It's like an express service for your finances.

Mailing a check can take too long. Loan payments can slip your mind. And who wants to drive from one place to another to transfer funds between accounts? We offer several electronic services that allow you to move money quickly, conveniently and securely.    


Automated Clearing House is an easy way to pay bills, make purchases or otherwise send money to another person or business.

  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments
  • Ensure that your funds arrive on time
  • Arrange for incoming transfers to your accounts, and take advantage of getting them earlier with Early Pay
  • Use our online portal to set up or edit incoming and outgoing payments 

Automatic Transfer

If you have multiple accounts with us, you can schedule automatic transfers that make money management easier.

  • Schedule payments to loan accounts so you won't miss a due date
  • Send money to your savings accounts on a regular basis to build up your balance
  • No fees for transfers
  • Set up transfers through digital banking
  • If you need further help, contact a UniWyo representative at (307) 721-5600 or email

Bank-to-Bank Transfer

These days, it's not unusual for individuals to have accounts at multiple financial institutions. Moving money from place to place doesn't have to take a lot of time or effort.

  • Streamline your finances with electronic transfers to and from your UniWyo accounts
  • Simplify loan and credit card payments
  • Schedule transfers to savings and investment accounts 
  • Eliminate the hassle of driving back and forth between multiple banks and credit unions
  • $750 daily limit for incoming and outgoing transfers
  • Can take one to three business days for outgoing transfer to take place
  • Incoming transfers could automatically arrive earlier with Early Pay
  • No charge for transfer services
  • Initiate transfers through digital banking

UniWyo is a full-service credit union with branches in Casper, Cheyenne, Cody, Douglas, Glenrock, Laramie, and on-campus at the University of Wyoming.

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